The idea

Like Pierre Rabhi, we based our project and the name of our Farm on a Native American legend that tells :

“When a forest catches fire, all the animals in the forest flee, except the little hummingbird. This little hummingbird takes a few drops of water in his beak and pours it over the forest. After a few trips back and forth, he meets an armadillo who says to him: “But what are you doing, little hummingbird? Do you think that with a few drops of water you will succeed in extinguishing this fire?” and the hummingbird answers him “No, but at least I did my part!

In our “old life”, and like many still today, we were so caught up in the daily life of young people who want to get by, and earn as much money as possible, that we were far from this philosophy.

And then, with time, more and more tired of this crazy life, more and more interested in other ways of seeing the world, more and more impatient to leave our “false” way of seeing things, we decided to act!

Open-mindedness comes through opening our eyelids to our world. “Why?” is the first question to ask, “For whom?” the second, then comes astonishment, then comes outrage, and rather than resilience comes hope. Hope for a better life, based on other foundations than those imposed everywhere, by everyone and for everyone.

So we left! So we grew! Grew this project in our heads, grew this crazy idea that maybe we could have a life close to our “true” values, close to the earth, close to nature, to help others to grow too and to make them open their eyes.

This is how our small farm “Aux jardins des Colibris” was born in Soullans, in the Vendée, on the edge of the forest.

We are now farmers in the making, with both hands in the ground, well into our boots, we grow organic vegetables and especially beautiful and good!