The farm


  • Organic certification
  • On land that has been fallow for nearly 10 years,
  • Reforestation and creation of hedges (climate barriers and habitats for animal species),
  • Exclusive use of natural inputs : compost, wood shredding, green wastes
  • No sulfur, no copper, no industrial granules, no plastic
  • Care and protection of the landscape and soil,
  • Presence of small animals (geese, chickens, cats, dogs and all the natural biodiversity of the site)
  • Creation of an orchard of a hundred fruit trees and small fruits,
  • Cultivation on living soil, naturally, every culture is handmade



  • Plants and seeds from organic and biodynamic agriculture,
  • Old varieties and endemic species preferred,



  • No soil work
  • Minimized tractor use (moving heavy loads),
  • Self-sufficiency in water and irrigation thanks to 3 wells,
  • Waste sorting, composting,
  • Direct sale at the farm, local markets, biocoop within 15 km, local restaurants,



  • Family farm management
  • Welcoming interns, volunteers, helpers, scout campers, woofers…, exchange of time and services,Farm visits
  • Training organization
  • Events organization